Ambergris Gift Set


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Explore our exclusive Ambergris Gift Set, a testament to our reputation as connoisseurs of exquisite fragrances.

Unveil the marine elegance of White Ambergris, the regality of Ambergris Royale, the subtlety of Grey Ambergris, the opulence of Prince of the Sea, the Arabian charm of Saudi Amber, and the sensuality of Musk Amber.

Elevate your senses; indulge in the allure that has made us synonymous with the finest in ambergris perfumery.

In this set you will receive X6 3ml bottles from our finest Ambergris collection:

1. Ambergris Royale

2. White Ambergris

3. Grey Ambergris

4. Prince of the Sea

5. Saudi Amber

6. Musk Amber

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