Black Stone (Authentic Recipe)


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Embrace the mystique of Black Stone (Hajar al Aswad), a divine fragrance steeped in sacred heritage, crafted meticulously with the original recipe and 100% natural essence. From the ancient lands of India, the opulent Sandalwood and captivating Agarwood intertwine, infusing each drop with celestial allure.

Let the enchanting aroma of Screw-pine flower and precious Saffron evoke memories of time honored rituals, while the rare Ambergris (from 2017) exudes an alluring elegance that stands the test of ages.

As the heart notes unfold, the ethereal embrace of Deer Musk intertwines with the timeless grace of Rose and the essence of Burflower, creating an olfactory symphony that resonates with the soul.

Immerse yourself in the earthy depths of Ruh Khus (Vetiver), grounding the fragrance with its mesmerizing essence. A scent found exclusively within the realm of Al Madina Perfumes, Black Stone unveils the essence of nostalgia, evoking the cherished moments beside the sacred Kabah.

We have been endlessly searching for the Original Black stone scent and we have finally managed to obtain a batch of it. This is something exclusive to Al Madina Perfumes and no one in the UK has got this!

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3ml, 12ml, 0.5ml Sample

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2 reviews for Black Stone (Authentic Recipe)

  1. Isa

    This is an timeless scent, This puts me back in Saudi, a beautiful blend

    Totally worth it

  2. Mohammed Hussain

    The fragrance does indeed have the same aroma as the Black Stone and it lasts very long.

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