Blue Oud Elixir




After months and months of experimenting we have finally released the Blue Oud Elixir. This is something that has been crafted in house to absolute perfection using our 100% authentic Blue Oud as the main carrier along with pure White Rose and a final ingredient which we will not disclose. This elixir captures the essence of luxury, with cold, velvety oud notes that provide a rich and grounding base. The infusion of white rose adds a touch of purity and refinement, elevating the blend to new heights. Blue Oud Elixir is a masterful composition that enchants the senses and embodies the pinnacle of perfumery artistry.

Please note this is something which is made in house and each batch may differ slightly. Our original Blue Oud is one of our best sellers and we wanted to create something which will still have the Blue Oud DNA and could also be affordable for the connoisseurs.

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