Civet Musk (100% Natural)




For all the perfume enthusiasts that love animalistic notes this one is for you! We have crafted our Civet Musk from the finest Ethiopian Civet Cat Paste in a very high quality Indian Sandalwood base with a touch of Grade A Cambodian Agarwood to achieve this maceration.

Civet Musk, in its essence, unveils a captivating symphony of warm, woody vanilla with an enduring musk character, often graced by subtle cinnamon undertones. Within its intriguing aroma, an intriguing dance unfolds between sweet and funky notes, teasing your senses, leaving you pondering whether you adore it or simply appreciate it. The moment you decide, “It’s not my absolute favorite,” it mysteriously beckons you for another whiff, inviting a second chance to savor its enigmatic allure.

The essence of Civet Cat, in its raw state, possesses a potency that might initially evoke a visceral response. However, in the skilled hands of a perfumer, it undergoes a mesmerizing metamorphosis, emerging as an enchanting, deeply alluring, and inviting musky fragrance. This remarkable ingredient has graced the world of perfumery since the 10th Century, serving as a treasured component in crafting perfumes of exceptional value.

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3ml, 12ml, 0.5ml Sample

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