Golden Horizon (Exclusive Blend)




Picture yourself strolling through a haven of blooming flowers, with the sun’s warm embrace on your skin and the rhythmic melody of sea waves in the distance.

At first inhalation, the delicate allure of hydro distilled Madina Rose and Jasmine Sambac gracefully takes center stage, evoking the romance of a garden in full bloom. A playful hint of Peppermint dances on the breeze, infusing an invigorating twist to the bouquet.

As your journey deepens, Tuberose and Hyacinth emerge in the heart, their fragrant symphony a tribute to nature’s opulence. A touch of Siberian Deer Musk weaves an enigmatic thread, reminiscent of the life that thrives within the garden’s secret corners.

As twilight unfurls, the fragrance evolves to embrace the ancient wisdom of Malaysian oud and mysore sandalwood. Their steadfast presence anchors the scent in a rich, resonant harmony that lingers on your skin like a cherished memory.

Golden Horizon isn’t just a fragrance, it’s an invitation to savor nature’s most precious moments. With each inhale, you’re transported to a sanctuary where sunset’s glow meets the delicate whispers of flora and fauna. Let the scent guide you to a world of tranquility, where the symphony of a sunset garden awaits.

This is a 100% Natural Blend without the use of any chemicals or synthetics and exclusive to Al Madina Perfumes.

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