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The Rarest form of Ambergris that you will ever find is the Grey Ambergris. Known for its complexity and is a very high prized ingredient in the perfume industry. Grey ambergris, a substance produced by sperm whales, has a complex aroma of sweet, earthy, musky and slightly murky notes.

Beginning with robust earthy notes, the Grey Ambergris transforms throughout the day, gradually softening and sweetening, creating a nuanced and delightful fragrance journey. It’s something which you’ll constantly want to smell over and over again.

Ambergris is a fascinating substance formed in the digestive tracts of sperm whales. It originates as a protective secretion, initially soft and foul-smelling, to safeguard the whales intestines from the sharp beaks of squid. Over time, through a natural process of oxidation and exposure to the elements, this secretion transforms into ambergris. Eventually, the whales expel it, and it can be found floating in the ocean or washed ashore. This rare and precious material is sought after for its unique fragrance-enhancing properties otherwise known as fixatives, making it a prized component in the world of perfumery.

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1 review for Grey Ambergris

  1. Yusuf hamza

    Beautiful authentic ambergris. Settles nice after a few hours

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