Opera (Xerjoff Inspired)


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Opera is a symphony of scent that transcends the ordinary, taking you on a journey through the grandeur of the world’s most opulent opera houses. With its opening notes of vibrant citrus and lush greenery, this fragrance sets the stage for an olfactory performance of unparalleled elegance. As it develops, a harmonious blend of velvety florals, including rose and jasmine, takes center stage, evoking the grace and passion of a classic aria. The composition crescendos with rich, ambery woods and seductive musk, creating a captivating and lingering finale. Opera is a fragrance that harmonizes the artistry of perfume with the beauty of arias, an olfactory masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression as unforgettable as a night at the opera.

Disclaimer: Our designer oils are non alcoholic and are simply alternatives for customers after a non alcoholic fragrance and are not associated with the designer brands themselves.
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3ml, 6ml, 12ml

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