Siberian Deer Musk




Siberian Deer Musk is an exquisite fragrance created using authentic grains harvested ethically from the majestic Siberian Deer. This scent is renowned for its rich, animalistic, and profoundly musky profile. The natural musk is meticulously extracted to ensure the utmost respect for these magnificent creatures and their habitat.

Designed for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of a true musk, Siberian Deer Musk offers an unparalleled longevity. When applied to clothes, the fragrance endures for weeks, while on the skin, it guarantees a minimum of 12 hours of captivating aroma. As the hours pass, the scent evolves, revealing a subtle, sweet undertone that adds a layer of sophistication to its raw, primal essence. Siberian Deer Musk is more than a fragrance; it is an enduring olfactory experience.

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0.5ml Sample, 12ml, 3ml

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