Tonkin Deer Musk


Tonkin Deer Musk is a treasure derived from nature’s most enigmatic source, the elusive Tonkin deer. Prized for its unparalleled rarity, this fragrance captures the essence of sophistication and allure. Each drop is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship behind its creation.

With an intricate symphony of sweet and dark notes, Tonkin Deer Musk is an olfactory journey like no other. The scent dances on the skin, weaving an intoxicating tale of opulence and sensuality. Its complexity invites exploration, revealing layers of mystery that linger in the air.

Renowned for its enduring power, Tonkin Deer Musk is a true companion for those who seek a fragrance that stands the test of time. A touch of this essence becomes a signature, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

Tonkin Deer Musk isn’t just a scent, it’s a statement. It’s a fusion of luxury and rarity that encapsulates the essence of distinction. Experience the allure of the wild, distilled into a fragrance that transcends boundaries and captivates the senses.
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3ml, 12ml, 0.5ml Sample

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